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What we do?


Salesforce integration

  • Yoxel allows multi-directional Salesforce integration that automatically syncs calendar events, contacts, emails and tasks.
  • Yoxel is the only solution that is 100% native and cloud-based – does not require plugins or downloads. All configuration is done from within Salesforce interface.
  • Yoxel automatically logs Office 365, MS Exchange and Gmail emails to related Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts. No need to drag emails to folders or flag them. Yoxel automatically logs emails based on rules.
  • Your most current data flows to all devices – laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc. Yoxel integrates all of them automatically.
  • Looking for a solution for teams or individuals? You’ve found it! Yoxel templates allows precise team setup.
  • Data stays safe and secure. The sync is deployed in Heroku app cloud (Salesforce cloud solution).
  • Learn more about Salesforce integration.


Teamwork.com integration

  • Yoxel’s cloud-based Teamwork.com integration solution automatically syncs with Google Apps and Outlook so you’re always up to the task.
  • Choose your favorite device for viewing and updating your calendar and tasks. Whether you are an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry user, our multi-system Yoxel keeps data current across all devices.
  • Yoxel is top notch for teams and for personal use. Our 99.9% reliable Teamwork integration solution won’t let you down – ever. It’s cloud-based and multi-directional sync done right!
  • Learn more about Teamwork.com sync.

What you get?

Exceptionally easy-to-use

When you need an easy-to-use integration app, turn to Yoxel. Yoxel can be used after 3 easy sign up steps. No training is needed!

Team-based collaboration

Great for teams who need to share contact info, and for administrators who need a solution for a team. Our solution works great for teams of all sizes!

Multi-directional reach

Our cloud-based integration solution is multi-directional. You enter info in one platform and we sync it across others automatically.

Multi-device accessibility

Your information sync automatically, and you can access it and make updates from any device, be it iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry.

99.9% reliability

Yoxel is available 100% of the time through our 99.9% uptime guarantee, whether you are in a meeting room or on the go.

Multi-system convenience

Sync data across Outlook and Google Apps. Our solution is the only one that allows to sync both services at the same time!

Won’t duplicate records

Yoxel detects and de-duplicates duplicate data for you. Nothing gets deleted – ever. No clutter, no confusion!

Filter-based precision

You’re the boss! You can set filters to sync emails, tasks, events and contacts based on set of rules or in one direction.

Exceptional support

Need help or have questions? Yoxel’s support team is here to assist and give you answers at any time, literally.

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