How do you follow up on your emails?

I used to spend hours following up on my emails. I would write notes to myself and use Outlook categories and Gmail labels to remind myself to follow up. Every working day, I would review my email box for emails to follow up on and email if enough time has passed and I have not heard back.

No matter where I worked I was doing this. Whether I was working in sales or in marketing I was following up on my emails. There is no study that estimates how much time people spend on following up on their emails, but based on my own experience, I think it is somewhere between three to ten hours a week.

When we released BigDripper app I was stocked that I can finally automate email follow up work. With BigDropper I was able to set up rules to automatically follow up on my emails. And I can honestly say that it worked immediately! Not only did it save me time but also people that would not have replied otherwise started to reply!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Add an email service. In my case it is Gmail.

Here are the steps on how you can add your email services: Go to the BigDripper signup page here fill out your user information and click Signup button. Then you will be redirected to step 1 of the signup wizard:

Yoxel Portal.clipular (4)

Click Add service link and select email service you would like to add.

If you would like to connect your Gmail account select Google Apps from the Add service drop down. After you make this selection you will be prompted to this drop down:

BD Google

Click Authorize button. Then you will be redirected to a page that asks for your permission for Yoxel to access your Gmail account:

Request for Permission.clipular

After all looks good, click Allow access button.

If you would like to add Outlook, select MS Exchange service and fill out needed details:

BD Outlook

You can add as many Gmail and Outlook accounts as you use. There is no limit! After you add all email addresses where you would like to use BigDripper, click Go to step 2 button.

Step 2: Set up rules to get labels/categories and Bcc email addresses to use in email communication to set up automatic email reminders.

To add rules, click Add rule link in the 2nd step of the signup wizard. After you click it you will get this drop down menu:

BD Rules

The Drip messages, are the emails that are sent out if a reply is not received. The Drips that you can see above are the Drip email examples that work well for us, however you can change the text of the emails and intervals to be sent out as often as you would like.

At Yoxel, I send a lot of sales and marketing related emails. So now, whenever I send an email for which I would like to receive a response I label it and if a reply is not received BigDripper sends an automatic follow up email that does not look like spam. Here is how one of my BigDripper rules look like:


Rule names that you will create in your Yoxel profile will have to be added manually to Gmail and Outlook as labels and categories respectively. We will be adding a functionality next week that will create labels and categories automatically. As soon as this will become available, I will update this post.

In the meantime, to setup BigDripper lables in Gmail, navigate to the main menu on the left and click Create new label link (see the last option on the left). Then, add sublabel that corresponds to the name of the BigDripper rule by clicking Add sublabel option on the right:
New Picture.

To lable an email click on the triangle at the bottom right corner and select the lable. Here are my labels that I use:
google lables
After you select the label click Apply button.

If you forgot to label an email, go to the Sent folder, select the email, or all you forgot to label, select Yoxel label and click Apply:

To setup categories in Outlook, click Categorize option on top in the toolbar, then click All Categories option:
Then click New button and name the new category with “^BigDripper rule”. Note, the category name should start with ^ sign and should not have any spacing. To use Yoxel categories go to the main Outlook view and right click next to an email, you will see an option of categories open up, select the category and the popup should automatically close:

BigDripper has saved me a lot of hours of manual work. I essentially set it and forget about the follow up work. Here is one of the successful examples of client responding to my email after a Drip email was sent out:
screenshot-by-nimbus-mail-google-com-mail-u-0 (1)
After three attempts, the client finally responded that led to an online meeting and then a contract.

I encourage you to try BigDripper for yourself and see how it works. We have 14 day free trial and do not collect credit card info until you know for sure the tool is right for you.

Email me at katya@yoxel.com, I will be happy to go over any questions you may have about the tool.

Chat soon!

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