Close deals right from Inbox

Reimagine the way you use inbox. Sell smarter with Yoxel Inbox app and Salesforce sync.

Chrome plugin Chrome plugin
Office365 add-in Office365 add-in

Instantly view customer snapshots

The Inbox app surfaces relevant Salesforce data so you can craft the perfect response without opening Salesforce.

  • Contact information
  • Upcoming and recent activities
  • Open opportunities and cases
Customer snapshot

Log emails to Salesforce

Log emails and attachments to Salesforce

The Inbox app communicates with our automatic Salesforce sync allowing users to focus on just those emails that require manual record matching.

  • Log to opportunities, contacts, leads
  • Quickly resolve emails unmatched by the automatic sync
  • Avoid duplicate logging

Quickly create leads and contacts

Create lead and contact

Oppty list view

Work through list views

Take advantage of the list views you have set up in Salesforce for leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

Smart sending that gets you a response

Don’t miss another opportunity due to not having followed up.

  • Scheduled email sending
  • Robust response detection
  • Automatic rule based followups
Create lead and contact

What you get?

Office365 and Gmail

The Inbox app is available as an Office365 Outlook add-on and a Chrome extension for Gmail.

Salesforce app cloud

The app is served in Heroku, the Salesforce app cloud, so Salesforce manages the platform security.

Yoxel Sync integration

The app augments our cloud based Salesforce sync solution that can automatically sync calendar, email, contacts, tasks for your organization.